Bottle Photography


1-5 bottles $80.00ea

6-10 bottles: $75.00ea

11+ bottles $70.00ea

Reflection/Shadow Effect $5.00 per bottle

Group Bottle shots

Starting from $50.00 ea

Additional charges:

Complex lighting: Additional charges may apply

(Group images are created from individual bottle shots to ensure the best quality and resolution is preserved)

File Types:

JPEG (High quality compressed image)

PNG (Transparent background)

TIFF and PSD files can made available upon request at no extra cost


All images are made available to download via dropbox 

Images can be sent on a USB if requested (charges apply)


All bottles will be thoroughly cleaned prior to being photographed to ensure the best quality images are produced. We prefer bottles to be free of any imperfections including label damage, seams on the front of the bottle, damage to the cap and labels to be straight.

All rear labels on white and rose varieties will be removed before being photographed. This is done to ensure no unwanted shadows and light shows through on the finished product.

Terms & Conditions:

Payment in full is required upon completion of project. Images will be delivered via dropbox once payment is received. 


Download booking form: Download Binary File: Bottle photography booking form .pdf 

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For booking and enquiries: info@samkimages.com.au